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Free collaborative lesson plan for secondary science and English teachers

by Jill Macchiaverna, graduate student

I really enjoyed the Secondary Methods graduate class at Oklahoma State University with Dr. Shanedra Nowell. The class was my first look behind the curtain at how teachers prepare to teach. For my final project, I created a cross-disciplinary lesson plan on which a high school science and English teacher could collaborate. The plan is ambitious, highly detailed, and untested. I'm happy to share it, especially because I don't know how realistic it is but I would love to see it implemented, even if it's not by me the first time. Just email me at jill macchiaverna at gmail dot com, and I'll ask you three magical questions. Answer wisely, and the entire lesson plan is yours, free! (Don't worry. I'm not collecting bank account info and social security numbers. Just making sure you're not a robot.) See the table of contents for the lesson plan below:

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